Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Null DC best Dream Cast emulator

The current level of technology we have, has led to the production of such great current emulators as NullDC. Null DC has been around for a while, and it's not really current news, but it's something we should all be familiar with, because what this emulator does is just so incredible.

The NullDC emulator has nearly perfect emulation and excellent speed with nearly every DC game to date, and the current version even supports some Naomi arcade emulation. Such great titles as, Marvel VS. Capcom 2, and SFIII, as well as over a dozen NeoGeo based fighting games, where all produced for the dreamcast.

The dreamcast was known as the fighter system throughout japan, and was a widely accepted console. While it didn't fair as well in the US, it was still an excellent console system, and deserves some recognition. Most of the games can only be found as internet downloads now, and the Bios is no longer copywrited, so this emulator is (as far as anyone can tell) 100% legal, Sega has dropped the console market and moved on.

In more recent news it seems drkIIRaziel has left this great emulator to the community as an open source project, and moved on to new things. While it's not clear what he will be working on next, he wishes us the DC emulation community only the best. Read about drkIIRaziels final posts at NGemus forums.

Well now that I've bragged on this emulator so much, I suppose, I should tell you where to get it.

Download NullDC,

P.S. Top titles for the emulator include Sonic adventure 1 and 2, and Capcom VS Marvel 1 and 2. Most Iso dumps currently available can be found at