Most Anticipated RPG Games of Fall/Winter 2010/2011

Each year a new line of RPG comes out, and each year we get to live a new adventure. The greatest RPG games will take you through an epic storyline, unmatched by any other, and the worst will do little more than entertain the weak minded of us. 

Most Anticipated FPS Games of Fall/Winter 2010/2011

One of the most interesting trends in the history of gaming is the FPS trend. Over the years this trend has grown from the original Wolfenstein 3D into a compendium of titles ranging from ID software's Doom to the more recent Modern Warfare line. One of the most compelling and interesting facades of this genre of video games, is the evolution from simple demon based single player games like Doom and Wolfenstein into games like Call of Duty and Modern Warfare. With each year bringing even more new technology, designs, and ideas to this genre, what are these gamers looking forward to the most this year? 

Most Anticipated MMORPG Games of Fall/Winter 2010/2011

The MMORPG crowd is typically more loyal then the average consumer. When a person picks an MMO to play and invests a lot of time into it, it can become very difficult to pry them away from it for the next best thing. I for one have reached high levels in several MMORPGS and found myself having a lot a trouble quitting due to the sheer amount of time that I had invested into them, but these 5 MMO games of 2010 have me chomping at the bit to make the change even with the knowledge that I will have to start all over again. 
How to Make a Video Game: Programming, SDKs, and GDKs

One of the most challenging parts about making a game is the software you will use. Determining which language to use, and learning to code the game in that language. Some people may find it reasonably easy to simply grab some C++ Libraries and start coding right out of Notepad, but for some of us we need to get our feet wet first. 

10 of the Best RPG Games of All Time

These are some of the greatest RPG games to date and I hope that you will all check them out. The story lines in these RPGs are involving, the graphics are excellent, and the game play is a little bit different in each one of them. For more information on any game in this list, simply click the game name in the subtitle.

5 Video Games You Love, and I Can't Stand 

While it stands to reason that some games are better than others, I just can't fathom how it is the majority vote is against me on such awful games as these. These games in my opinion are the pits of the video gaming industry. These are the games you love, and I hate. 

N4G Gaming News Site Review,

What is N4G?

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What are you going to play?

What Are You Going t
Soon to be released are the Sony Playstation Move and the Xbox 360 Kinect as well as a the Nintendo 3Ds and a new Zelda so the question is what are you going to be playing? At the time of writing I was looking at the new Zelda game "Zelda Skyward Sword" which looks to be truley interactive and a very compelling game to be certain.

I've been playing RPG and action RPG type games since I was a kid and FPS shooters are just a turn off for me so I guess that would put them in the classification of "Games I hate, but everyone else seems to love". (CulturePS3,SonyWiiZelda)

The Longest Video Games I've Ever Played

Nicholas Ward AC : "I have certainly played a lot of long video games in my time. I love RPG games because they provide hours upon hours of entertainment, and many of them feature a re-playability level that far exceeds any other game genre. With that said here is my list of the top five longest video games I've ever played." (Casual gamesCulture,GameCubeRetro)

The Video Games You Love to Hate from 2010

Nicholas Ward AC : "Games you love to hate is an article containing a little bit of my quirky humor, 5 games you love to hate, and a little bit of information about each of these games. Things you will find inside are game play design structure, and the inevitable flaws of each game." (IndustryNintendo DSPCXbox 360)

Ten of the Most Ridiculous Gaming Products Ever Released

When it comes to gaming, we all know there are some products that just take the cake, and some products that nose dive and hit the floor. Some of these ideas may have been inventive, and some of them may have been well marketed even though they where obvious flops.

Marketing isn't the only determining factor when it comes to what gaming products are ridiculous, and which ones are great, so lets get right into it then. The list that will make you laugh, Ten Most Ridiculous Gaming Products.(CultureIndustryRetro)

Building your own arcade emulator box.

Nicholas Ward : "This is just my basic design that I've been working on for some time to build a retro gaming arcade box for my household. I think it will make for a fun and enjoyable project for any gamer enthusiast with some extra money to spend, and the time to under take this project. I will not be covering exact measurements because these will change from person to person based on their personal preferences, so lets get right to it." (ArcadeCasual games,CultureIndustryRetroTech)

Pay to Play or Free to Play Games Which Do You Prefer?

While pay to play games are on the rise and companies like EA generate monthly revenue through these pay to play games. There is another side of this coin there are free to play games which are also available to the end user, so which do you prefer? Which business model do you think is better? (CultureIndustryPCTech)
Does Violence in Games Promote Violence in Kids?

Nicholas Associated Content : "Much of a child's personality is predetermined by age 5. It's the parents responsibility to be there for their children so that they will hopefully take on a desirable personality. After this impression is made it is hard for me to believe that video games and violence does anything more then perhaps desensitizing them to the site of such things in life. Which can arguably be shown to be a good thing, despite the seemingly common belief that desensitization is bad, to the contrary it could be good." (Casual gamesCulture)

Modern Gaming VS Retro Gaming

Associated Content : Nicholas Ward, "Right now, I'm remembering the days when I use to play Mario 3 on my NES. It was the first game I ever got for this now defunct retro gaming console. Nothing that's been released to date since has made me feel the way this game once did." (Casual gamesCultureIndustryNext-GenRetro)

A Guide to NeoSteam

Neo Steam was originally produced in Japan by Hanbitsoft, a Korea-based company. The game Neo Steam was first introduced to America in early 2008 through the GamenGame open beta. (CultureIndustryPC)
85 / 100

The Best Conference of E3 2010

While press conferences can be somewhat spectacular or at other times glib and meaningless, this year 2010 was a relatively nice mix at E3. While sony pushed ahead to get the word out in the normal conference manner, Nintendo showed off it's latest title the newest Zelda game, and Microsoft showed off it's new toy the Kinetic. This made for a very interesting 2010 E3. (E3Nintendo DSPS3TechWiiXbox 360)
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5 of the Easiest Final Bosses in the History of Video Games

Is that Mario? Oh Look Bowser is Crying Again

There is nothing more disappointing then a game that has a lousy ending, except maybe, a game with a lousy boss and a lousy ending. When it comes to the worst and easiest bosses ever, Mario pretty much takes the cake. I could name every Mario game to make a list of 5 easy bosses, but instead I'll use just one in this list of the easiest bosses ever, you'll have to read on to find out what the other four are. (Culture)

5 Reasons Why Free to Play is the Wave of the Future

When it comes to games, people don't want to buy the game, then pay to play it. The future of gaming, or more generally the future of MMOs is in free to play, but if you don't believe me just look at some of the company models that use to be pay to play. Now here are 5 reasons why free to play is the wave of the future. (CultureIndustryPC)