Friday, June 25, 2010

A slow day ; clear your internet history.

Today is a slow day for me nothing much to report technology wise or other but I'll put up a handy little tip for some of you out there that involves the history on your browsers in case your browsing at work or doing something you just don't want people knowing about here it is.

If your wondering how to clear a computers search history, you may have been visiting some sites you wouldn't want your wife/mother/husband finding out about. There are many kinds of history stored on your computer, but the one which most often needs to be cleared is your search history. For the purposes of this article I will assume you are using a windows based computer, and that you are referring to internet search history, not general hard drive search history.

There are varying methods of clearing your search history and I will cover them all. These methods differ from one internet browser to another, and with modern technology having so many different browsers available today, there is no way of knowing what browser your using. The browsers which will be covered are, Firefox, Internet explorer, and Google chrome as these are the most common browsers today.

How to clear a computers search history in Mozilla Firefox,
This is one of the easiest browsers to erase your history on. Simply click on" History" at the top of your browsers window, then click on "Show all history". This brings up a window with your full history in it. If the search terms are recently used like "today" click on that history selection and then press "DEL" then click ok to confirm that you want to delete today's history. If they are old you may have to wipe your entire web history or pick through the items listed in history, one at a time. By wiping your history you wipe all relevant searches as well.

How to clear a computers search history in Internet Explorer,
To erase your history which includes search history on IE, click on "tools" then "internet options" and at the bottom of the page that pops up you should see a history pane. With Internet Explorer your only given one option "Clear history". You can also tell Internet Explorer how long to hold a history so you will not need to clear it again.

How to clear a computers search history in Google Chrome,
Press "Ctrl + H" or click on the wrench in the top right corner and click on "History" in the window that comes up click on "Edit items". You are given an option to delete everything or delete certain pages and consequently their searches and or passwords stored in them.

Now you know how to clear a computers search history so you won't be getting anymore complaints from your mom/wife/husband about all those sites they don't want you going to.

Tune in tomorrow for more relevant tips hope to see you back.