Solar and Green Tech

BP Oil Spill Capped Off

After 3 months of oil spilling into our oceans BP has finally managed to cap off the oil well and salvage what remains of our oceans. This was not an easy task to accomplish after the Deepwater Horizons oil rigs explosion. This was all due to the use of current technology. 20 years ago we couldn't even have built a cap of this magnitude, let alone managed to get a cap of that size and weight to the well. Today BP CEOs let out a sigh of relief. (CultureServices)

New Solar Panels Make Solar Energy More Promising

In our current economic crisis with the BP oil spill disaster still spreading across our oceans, we are forced to look to cleaner cheaper energy sources. This need is facilitated by recent breakthroughs in solar energy. Photon voltaic is becoming a method of the past, solar panels come in many designs today, but the most recent breakthrough in solar energy is IAUS "Advanced Solar Collector". (CultureHi-techIndustry)
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 Toyota Prius or Nissan Leaf?

Which is Better?
Just one look at the "Toyota Prius" and the "Nissan Leaf" will tell you a lot about modern manufacturing. If you're planning on buying a car this year and your looking for economic value. You may be interested in hearing about both the Toyota Prius and the Nissan Leaf. Both of these cars have many features built right in to make sure you are a happy customer. Features like GPS, automatic parking, lower emissions, and more. But lets take a look at them one by one, and all of their features before we make a comparison.
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What Energy Is, Where it Comes From

The actual definition of energy leaves it very open to interpretation, energy is any force that compels a change in its environment, words with similar meanings include go, pep, zip, elan, zeal, zest, drive, force, power, and vitality. Since energy has such a broad description, it's a very hard thing to measure, when a person says he has lots of energy, it is left to the person being spoken to for interpretation. (CultureIndustry)