Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Need a good antivirus?

So your tired of hearing that you need an antivirus and your ready to do something about it. If you have chosen to install Kaspersky then your in the right place. This guide will detail the entire install process from purchase through, reboot.

1. The first thing you want to do is go here. If you already bought Kaspersky you can skip ahead to step 4.

2. When you are on the Kaspersky internet page select your product, and contract license. The cheapest option available is $59.95 right now for 3 pcs and 1 year of updates.

3. Provide payment details, and download your version of Kaspersky. You should get a window, and an email with your serial number in it save them.

4. Depending on your browser you will be given different options for download location find the download and run it, or just click run file when you click on it to have it auto run.

5. A new window should pop up giving you some information about the installer click next to continue.

6. You should now be looking at the EULA you will have to agree to this before you can continue. briefly read through this then click on "I agree".

7. Now it displays an informed consent for data collection which will be sent back to Kaspersky for analysis of new viruses and threats. make sure the I accept box is checked then click install.

8. You may see a list of incompatible programs at this point if you do you will have to select each and click remove before you can proceed. after clicking remove find the program in the new list in windows uninstaller and click remove again.

9. Click next and you may get a popup which says the computer needs to be rebooted go ahead and do so now.

10. After the reboot you will likely be presented with a window which asks you to repeat steps 4 through 9 just continue if you had conflicting programs it wanted to make sure that they where completely removed before installing.

11. Now the install will begin after it's completed you will be asked to provide the serial number you obtained from step 1-3 earlier in the website provide the serial and click "Next".

12. You should see a message which says activation successful now simply click "next" and then click finish and you're done.

One of the first things you will want to do after completing the download, is right click on the Kaspersky icon and open up the main display. There you will want to click update and let Kaspersky proceed. Without up to date virus definitions Kaspersky won't work very well.

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