Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Null DC best Dream Cast emulator

The current level of technology we have, has led to the production of such great current emulators as NullDC. Null DC has been around for a while, and it's not really current news, but it's something we should all be familiar with, because what this emulator does is just so incredible.

The NullDC emulator has nearly perfect emulation and excellent speed with nearly every DC game to date, and the current version even supports some Naomi arcade emulation. Such great titles as, Marvel VS. Capcom 2, and SFIII, as well as over a dozen NeoGeo based fighting games, where all produced for the dreamcast.

The dreamcast was known as the fighter system throughout japan, and was a widely accepted console. While it didn't fair as well in the US, it was still an excellent console system, and deserves some recognition. Most of the games can only be found as internet downloads now, and the Bios is no longer copywrited, so this emulator is (as far as anyone can tell) 100% legal, Sega has dropped the console market and moved on.

In more recent news it seems drkIIRaziel has left this great emulator to the community as an open source project, and moved on to new things. While it's not clear what he will be working on next, he wishes us the DC emulation community only the best. Read about drkIIRaziels final posts at NGemus forums.

Well now that I've bragged on this emulator so much, I suppose, I should tell you where to get it.

Download NullDC,

P.S. Top titles for the emulator include Sonic adventure 1 and 2, and Capcom VS Marvel 1 and 2. Most Iso dumps currently available can be found at

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A quick post, I've been found on google!

Finally I'm showing up in Google, first result for my title as well. It's unfortunate that there aren't many searching the term. However, the more you spread the word the more often people will be searching for me I'm sure, so if you have a website a blog or a Facebook account, and you like my articles, contact me for a link exchange. More links spread on the web will help get the word out about my blog, and my feed. Traffic is always a plus!

Well congratulations to me I suppose and hopefully I can build up my page rank to get higher results in similar search terms in the future. ~Technology building FTW

And a special thanks to those who have already added links to me, Emuparadise, and PC Tips.

Monday, June 28, 2010

A look at Googles Chromium

The Google Chrome OS, while not really an OS at all is considerably faster, and the methods implemented will help prevent viruses, but the real question will be, are there enough people out there willing to buy a netbook that's just for the internet?

While the bootup time is incredibly fast in comparison to Windows or even Linux (though you could build a barebones OS similar to this based on Linux very easily), the question remains how are the people going to take to this new technology?

Many people may be very accepting of Google Chrome OS simply because the system is a means of foolproof access to the world wide web, and the development of such technology has been in the thoughts of many for a very long time. However, I fear that it may fail for the same reasons people don't use Linux for home computing. --"The games"--

While the Chrome OS will be capable of playing integrated browser based games, the feature design does not allow for download games or implementation of other games. The exception to this is potentially through the use of additional usb cards, similar to a cartridge based gaming system.

Some of the features that the Chrome OS include.

* Easy internet access

* Simple trouble shooting

* Instant internet access

* Access to all your online games and music

* Instant updates

* Hardware security

* Quickly change from user account to another and keep them seperated by using flash sticks.

* Open source means constant content updates and current OS if the firmware checks the internet directly for updates then this furthers the potential for instant updates.

Now what about the the draw backs?

* Open source means everyone knows how it works

* Widely used like Microsoft Windows means that it will become target for viruses spam and more while the hardware level security should prevent this if everyone knows how that security works it's not nearly as hard to find a way to circumvent it.

* No offline games

* No word processors

* No offline media player

* little or no local storage for personal files

The new Google OS is going to blow your mind, if you are the type of person who does nothing but play on the internet, or for that matter work on the internet, but for the rest of us it may not hit the spot.

While there are many advantages to this form of OS, there are also a few disadvantages. A real important question is going to be, how much is Google going to sell this unit for?

Currently you can get a netbook for $200 to $250 brand new at best buy, with a full size hard drive that is capable of all those things above and more. While people may be interested in a browser only system, it is going to have to run on cheaper hardware then the currently available products. Without a cheaper, and more effective marketing strategy, it's going to find itself nothing more then another failed Linux distro.

Don't get me wrong, I love Linux and I really don't like Microsoft. However, it's not our decision so much as the developers, who create the sofware we use daily. If the developers think it's too hard to program for Linux, they won't bother. Likewise, if they think the market is not big enough for Linux ports of our software, they won't bother.

The advantage Googles OS has in this area is simplicity. When running nothing more then a kernel, a single proprietary video driver, a sound driver, Wifi driver, and a browser, your overhead is considerably smaller.

The bulk of Windows is gone, and because of this you need less storage space on the hard drive, and less memory to store all this. This makes the hardware it runs on have the potential to be extremely cheap.

While this is not meant as a replacement for current Windows technology on desktop PCs, it is an attempt at overcoming the netbook market, and to do so Google will have to come up with some pretty cheap hardware, and do it without developer licensing fees to compensate for the cheap sales. Google may find it difficult to meet this demand.

However, the iPad and the iPod are not cheap devices and certainly not full featured. The iPad and the iPod have their own games, and developers consider it a market worthy of their attention. The hardware cost of $499 for an iPad hardly justifies the purpose, and yet people still buy it. There may be room yet for Google in this portable internet market.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

A quick guide on using ePSXe.

Links are provided in the text to every ePSXe emulator reference used in this article

While there are many PSX emulators available today, ePSXe is one of the best emulators to date. ePSXe comes in both windows, and Linux flavors. The emulator ePSXe allows you to play your PSX games on your computer or laptop. There are some things that you need to configure before you can begin playing your PSX games, and that's where this guide comes in.First thing you need to do if you haven't done so yet is to download the ePSXe emulator and some plugins. The best plugins available for ePSXe are Pete's plugins, so go download Pete's complete ePSXe plugin set.

ePSXe windows / ePSXe Linux

Now that you have the plugins it's time to get down to business, the next thing you are going to need is the PSX bios. The Bios comes in many flavors each version of the Bios is another ripped Bios from the oldest Bios 1.x.x.x.x to the newest ones 9.x.x.x.x.x and which Bios you use doesn't really make much of a difference.

Now that you have the required files extract ePSXe into an empty folder somewhere, and extract the plugins you have downloaded into the "plugin" folder inside the ePSXe folder. Now extract your bios file into the "ePSXe/bios" folder the Bios folder is inside the folder you extracted the ePSXe emulator to.
Now run the binary, if your not familiar with the term binary it's the .EXE file ePSXe. If on your first run you get a Zlib.dll error then you will need to download the Zlib library 

Now extract the Zlib library into the same folder as your ePSXe. Once you have done this you may run ePSXe again. Since this is your first time running ePSXe it will bring up a configuration screen. Don't skip this initial configuration follow the on screen wizard to setup ePSXe. Click on the "Config" button.
If you have your bios in the proper directory then the ePSXe bios selection screen will open. Select your ePSXe bios then select "Next". This next window that pops up will ask you to pick which graphics plugin you want to use. If you are using a Nvidia video card select Pete's OGL, if you are using an ATI video card select Pete's D3D, and if you are using an on board chipset like Intel, use Pete's DX6 D3D plugin. Select your plugin and click on "Next".

The next window that pops up is the audio plugin selection, I suggest using the built in plugin or Pete's audio plugin. Select your audio plugin and click "next". Now you need to setup your CD-ROM plugin if you are going to be ripping or "storing" your PSX images on your hard drive, you may want to download a CD-ROM emulator program like Alchahol 52% or Magic ISO virtual CD. Once you have selected your CD-ROM plugin you will need to configure it, so click on configure and set it to read the drive letter of your CD-ROM drive.

Now you need to configure your controller keys to do this click on "Configure" then scroll to gamepad > port 1 > pad 1 and click on it. This will bring up an image of a PSX controller, click on each keys text to change the controls to fit your liking. If you have a properly configured gamepad you may push buttons on the gamepad to assign the PSX controller functions to your game pad.

Now your all set all you have to do is click on "File" and then "Run CD-ROM" or "Run ISO". Once you have played for a bit, you may want to change your configuration for better video quality. To Change the ePSXe emulator video options, click on "Config" "Video" then click "Config" a window will pop up displaying all the possible options for your video. You can play around with the settings here to find a blend between performance and quality.

Congratulations you have completed the ePSXe setup guide and you can now play your PSX games on your PC. Depending on how fast your computer is you can even up sample the image quality, add shaders, and make your games look much better then they ever did on your old TV.

If you like this guide support it by visiting it on Associated Content.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Technology building post of the day.

iDeas Final released iDeas is an emulator for the PC which lets you play Nintendo DS ROMs.
Up until now we ave been stuck with No$GBA as the single best DS emulator, but with this final release we have options. iDeas has left the beta stages and walks proud as an official release!

I'm going to be trying it out tonight checking out the compatibility with some games I have really been wanting to play like the Final Fantasy remakes, Dragon Quest series, and Breath Of Fire.

You can download from it's homepage here, iDeas.

Friday, June 25, 2010

A slow day ; clear your internet history.

Today is a slow day for me nothing much to report technology wise or other but I'll put up a handy little tip for some of you out there that involves the history on your browsers in case your browsing at work or doing something you just don't want people knowing about here it is.

If your wondering how to clear a computers search history, you may have been visiting some sites you wouldn't want your wife/mother/husband finding out about. There are many kinds of history stored on your computer, but the one which most often needs to be cleared is your search history. For the purposes of this article I will assume you are using a windows based computer, and that you are referring to internet search history, not general hard drive search history.

There are varying methods of clearing your search history and I will cover them all. These methods differ from one internet browser to another, and with modern technology having so many different browsers available today, there is no way of knowing what browser your using. The browsers which will be covered are, Firefox, Internet explorer, and Google chrome as these are the most common browsers today.

How to clear a computers search history in Mozilla Firefox,
This is one of the easiest browsers to erase your history on. Simply click on" History" at the top of your browsers window, then click on "Show all history". This brings up a window with your full history in it. If the search terms are recently used like "today" click on that history selection and then press "DEL" then click ok to confirm that you want to delete today's history. If they are old you may have to wipe your entire web history or pick through the items listed in history, one at a time. By wiping your history you wipe all relevant searches as well.

How to clear a computers search history in Internet Explorer,
To erase your history which includes search history on IE, click on "tools" then "internet options" and at the bottom of the page that pops up you should see a history pane. With Internet Explorer your only given one option "Clear history". You can also tell Internet Explorer how long to hold a history so you will not need to clear it again.

How to clear a computers search history in Google Chrome,
Press "Ctrl + H" or click on the wrench in the top right corner and click on "History" in the window that comes up click on "Edit items". You are given an option to delete everything or delete certain pages and consequently their searches and or passwords stored in them.

Now you know how to clear a computers search history so you won't be getting anymore complaints from your mom/wife/husband about all those sites they don't want you going to.

Tune in tomorrow for more relevant tips hope to see you back.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Building technology experience.

Many of you may not have the slightest bit of technology experience and building technology experience isn't the easiest thing to do. There are so many things to learn SEO marketing, Google ads, HTML programming, and unlearning java and flash, because search engines can't see java or flash.

I'm in the same boat, I'm building technology experience right now. This blog still has yet to surface on Google, but it has hit yahoo's search engine and even made top position for the search term "technology building blog ". Unfortunately people aren't searching for that term, they are searching for "technology building". So now I have to continue to build my links, because when you drop "blog"off that search. You might find me somewhere around page 100 maybe...

You may be wondering what all this has to do with building technology experience, well by reading my mistakes perhaps you won't make the same ones. Once you have begun to create your links you can't change your URL. You can change your title but it still needs to be relevant to your URL. Having the search terms you want to rank for in Google or Yahoo in your URL is important for SEO.

So what I have learned so far about SEO, Keyword optimization requires keywords through out your web pages or documents. Bolding some of those keywords may help as well or so I'm told. Incoming links should be made hyper linked to the exact key word or key word phrase you want to target. By using the keyword that you are trying to rank for in the links you build when bots crawl the web and go through that keyword, they will relate that word to your site. The more times this occurs the more relevant your site becomes to the bots and in turn the search engines.

While many say article directories help in link building I'm against this idea, for the simple fact that those articles are held on pages which carry no weight. If you are using the Google toolbar to check page ranking, then you will notice the main page of the article directories may have a high page rank. Where as the articles themselves don't, or at least not until they have been promoted considerably.

What does all this mean?

Take time before building your web page do key word searches before building back links, because once you start making those links changing your URL would generate a 404 error.

Once you have built your web page or in my case blog. Work on back links, but do not listen to those who would promote spamming of articles with back links, these links will carry no weight to Google.

Instead use legitimate sources. Old friends with page rank two or above are a considerable help of course. When arranging for a link exchange, ensure your link will be placed on a ranking page. If it's not on their front page. The page they have a page rank on, then it's no use to you, at least not for SEO. Those who would place your link on a separate page with 100 more are doing you no favors. Google will likely view this as link farming. This could potentially even get you banned from Google indexing in the future.

Those who believe that it's as simple as 1. build web page 2. submit to search engine 3. be happy. Will be in for a serious surprise. If this has helped you in any way do me a favor tell your friends, more traffic means I make more money providing helpful tips for you and your friends.

Word of mouth was the original advertiser before search engines took that title. Word of mouth is my solution for back linking, word of mouth, and patience. While you could buy black hat methods to rank in days. It's likely you would end up banned shortly there after, or you will be blackmailed into a monthly subscription. If you don't pay your subscription your rank go back to nothing as fast as it jumped up.

Good luck to all you out there who are struggling to make your sites stand out.

Teleportation technology?

While Teleportation May Seem like Something from a Science Fiction Novel, It's Beggining to Happen Right Now in America

With this science of quantum physics at the forefront of the next generation of technological advancements, we move closer to an age of Star Trek philosophies and the world as we know
 it may be changed so drastically that it can only be related to a science fiction novel. With a process called quantum entanglement instant teleportation may indeed be coming to light. This science made all those days watching Star Trek and thinking this could happen pay off for scientists. Albert Einstein called the entanglement effect spooky and unbelievable. I just call it amazing but how does it work?

Read the whole story here, Teleportation in america

The avatar

Now this Movie definitely shows off some of the capabilities of modern technology when you watch this movie it really looks like your watching a movie not some hacked up computer animation this movie makes you feel like your in a hole other world.

If your looking for something good to watch I suggest this movie. Not only where the graphics superb in Avatar but the storyline was as well. If you don't want to buy it online, go rent it or put it on your netflix subscription list. I guarantee you won't regret it.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Modern Gaming VS Retro Gaming

Right now, I'm remembering the days when I use to play Mario 3 on my NES. It was the first game I ever got for this now defunct retro gaming console. Nothing that's been released to date since has made me feel the way this game once did.

This certainly was a happy birthday indeed, as the years passed I got more and more into gaming, and I enjoyed watching the consoles progress. Then one day the console was rendered obsolete and suddenly a nice scroller was such a hard thing to find, that people would pay hundreds for it on ebay. Seriously some of those titles are now going for into the thousands!

I try to play these new games that come out on a regular basis, but none of them have that same feeling. The story line in modern games seems to be dead. Games like Final Fantasy XII set you outside as more of a spectator then an active participant with your characters running on programmed AI's. Though the story in FF XII was entertaining and it had many side quests as well, It just can't compete with FF VII and below. There is another important factor missing in these new games. In every final fantasy to date you get an air ship, but after FF VII you can no longer pilot it yourself. Getting that awesome new ship and traveling to places you couldn't reach before was a big part of what made the final fantasy series so great. The ability to pilot an airship and travel around the world map was a feature that allowed the developers to hide secrets that wouldn't be obtainable till much later in the game.

Currently there is a massive selection of doom genre games. Doom 'WAS' a great game, when it came out, but one wouldn't expect it's genre of video game to become the top rated play style. This game made a category all of it's own. It seems everywhere you go anymore all you see is FPS(First Person Shooter) titles. Farcry, F.E.A.R. , Doom, Call of duty and many more the market is flooded with these games and yet they continue to make them instead of coming up with original gaming ideas.

What happened to a straight forward story and a relaxing enjoyable playing experience?

New Games seem to be all guns and explosions anymore. This is a prime example of how uncreative these new games are. It's hard to find a creatively inspired game now. The new games all seem to just duplicate something that worked in the past. These new games try to build on and enhance the graphics but forget about story or originality.

I certainly miss the days when a straight forward plot in an RPG was the standard. An RPG without excessive side quests or a story that never seems to end. Point and click PC RPGs just don't do it for me. I want more control and more strategy in my games then that. Chrono Trigger, one of the greatest RPG titles to date says it all. Chrono Trigger has a straight forward storyline that pulls you right into the game and makes the experience so worthwhile that you have to play it again and again. This game is one of the most highly sought after titles known to the SNES for good reason with such great art and an involving storyline.

These new consoles/computers make it hard to find something so involving.
Developers attention has turned far too much towards great graphics, and making a game look like a movie.

It was hard for me to make the move to an RPG with the point and click play style. That style isn't involving enough for me. This new design sets you apart from the player, which makes you feel more like a spectator then a player and makes you feel More like you are telling the player what to do, and less like you are the player. This, in my opinion, defeats the very purpose of an RPG.

The purpose of an RPG is to let you play in the role of the characters you create. Getting so involved in the story line that you cry when one of your members dies, you laugh at their quirks, and jump for joy at defeating a challenging boss. A good RPG should read much like a novel, long and so involving you refuse to put the book down.

NPC (Non Player Character) interaction was once simply a means of discovering a bigger part of the story. In the new RPG genre each NPC simply complains about something then gives you a quest to obtain an item as a reward. The story is erratic at best and so broken that it's incredibly hard to become involved.

The one saving grace for the new genre RPG is the MMORPG where interaction with NPCs and story becomes less important as your interaction with other players lets you create your own story. In my opinion these new titles make gaming more of a spectator sport and less like an involving role. Reality should twist and turn while your fate is decided by the whims of the developer. Time to go get the emulators out enjoy the rest of the day!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

New car technology promotes cleaner environment.

A look at the "Toyota Prius" and the "Nissan Leaf" will tell you a lot about modern manufacturing. If you're planning on buying a car this year and your looking for economic value. You may be interested in hearing about both the Toyota Prius and the Nissan Leaf. Both of these cars have many features built right in to make sure you are a happy. Customer features like GPS, automatic parking, lower emissions, and more. But lets take a look at them one by one, and all of their features before we make a comprison.

If you enjoyed this post go read the whole article Toyota Prius or Nissan Leaf? at associated content

Monday, June 21, 2010

Scams on the internet?

There are many scams on the internet today. One of the worst and most prevalent scams involves internet scammers promoting and selling adware, malware, or viruses disguised as antivirus software. Many of you may see an add like this and think it's safe to click on it, because it's an "Antivirus."

Really how could you possibly get a virus by installing an antivirus? Antivirus 360 is one such malware which could be better classified as a trojan downloader, rootkit, malware, and a virus. I've come across many computers with this malware installed on them in my time. It's appaling how they take advantage of the common user.

Once this program is installed on your system it detects many false threats and tells the user in order to clean out their system they must purchase a registered version. I don't know anyone who has purchased it, so I can't say if paying would remove your computer from it's hostage status.

Untill this virus is removed you will not be able to access task manager and all your internet searches will be redirected. Especially any relevant searches pertaining to removal of the virus. It's a nasty infection indeed and may be one of the most difficult to get rid of. Though I havn't had to remove one recently, so I can't recall all the steps taken to resolve the issue present in systems today. I can tell you how to avoid such things.

When searching for an antivirus to use always search for comments on it before downloading installing or otherwise having anything to do with it. Always download from reputable sources these include for the purpose of this post Norton, Mcafee, AVG, Kaspersky, PCTools, and PCtrend. These are all known antiviruses to me I have used them all and they are effective. Norton however, has some issues with PC performance and will cause your computer to slow down considerably.

one trusted malware removal programs known and trusted is Malwarebytes anti malware. One more thing to note anytime you see a web page pop up that says you have registry errors or virus infections immediately close it do not click on anything inside.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Emulation in the news today.

Currently Technology has risen to a level that enables us to return to the places we have been before. Retro gaming has become a new trend, a direct result of this is that emulators are becoming better and more prominent in today's society.

I would like to tell you a little bit about some of the top emulators for consoles today, and give you some links to these emulators as well as where to get some "shhhh" roms.

So what are emulators? Emulators are programs which allow your computer to pretend to be something else for instance a playstation, SNES, NES, Genesis, or even NeoGeo.


First we have the PlayStation emulator ePSXe if it sounds sexy, it's because it is sexy. Coming in both windows, and linux flavors, this emulator is by far the best looking emulator for all your PlayStation needs.

You can find this emulator at Emuparadise just check out their Emulators section. Many of the best plugins for this emulator can be found at Petes page. There is some setup involved with this emulator however once you have it properly configured it will give you PS2 quality gameplay with your old psx games, on your computer!


The next emulator I'd like to talk about is Zsnes. This emulator has a massive compatibility rating, many shaders(shaders help give your games a better look), and other features. You can also download this Emulator from Emuparadise in the emulators section.

 What about NES, Genesis, Gameboy, Arcades, Sega Saturn, Sega CD, and Nintendo 64?

You can find an emulator for each of these consoles it's all at Emuparadise. I just wanted to detail a couple of my favorites that I use regularly if you would like to get some games to play on these emulators drop by the "ROMs" section of Emuparadise.


As fun as all this sounds a word worth mentioning, you need to own the original of every game you download in order to be legally entitled to download that game. If you love emulation drop by and let Obama know what you think about the new DMCA peace treaty which would take away all our downloading rights.

Enjoy your retro gaming!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Facebook making money.

Facebook revenues abound, with Facebook reporting earnings of as much as $800 million for 2009. Facebook is quickly becoming a new advertising medium for all sorts of businesses. With a massive viewer base it's no surprise many companies are creating Facebook pages just to get their names out there.

With so many on facebook today you have to ask yourself though is it really safe to be on facebook? Privacy terms aside you have to take into consideration everything you upload to facebook becomes their property.

If a friend uploads a picture of you getting smashed on Friday and your boss sees it you could be fired. Is it really worth it? Some of the most embarrassing moments in your life are being advertised daily.

There have been multiple rulings that once you give up your privacy, there is no longer any expectation of maintaining that privacy. This could be used for police and other authorities to monitor your Facebook accounts. Using information found on your Facebook wall or even a friends. You could be brought up on charges for some of those embarrassing moments!

All that aside Facebook networking seems very appealing to most and will probably remain so. As an advertising media Facebook is ideal for promoting your web pages your works and more. Without Facebook many would feel completely lost an earnest attachment has been created for some, one which could arguably be called an addiction.

SNES Emulator for iPod Touch and iPhone

New version of the SNES emulator has been released, the latest build snes4iPhone v2.0.0 is an emulator for iPod Touch and iPhone and is based on the PocketSNES application developed by Notaz, with ZodTTD’s release featuring several important updates. This homebrew app will allow you to play SNES games on your iPod Touch and iPhone.
It features:
  • Faster gameplay
  • GUI enhancement
  • Sound works good
The release doesn’t include readme file so please follow the link below to get more details and download information. ZodTTD
Recommended Reading
  1. SEGA Emulator for iPod Touch : genesis4iphone v2.0.0 ZodTT, the acclaimed homebrew genius developer has now released the all new much awaited SEGA Genesis and Sega CD emulator, Genesis4iphone for iPod Touch...
  2. How to Play SNES Games ROMS on iPod Touch [Easy Tutorial]SNES emulator for iPod Touch/iPhone lets you play classic games on your iPod Touch/iPhone like Mario, Contra and a hell lot of games available on...
  3. How to Play SNES on your iPod TouchThere is a new app out for the iPhone and iPod Touch called snes4iphone. The program is still in beta phase and can be accessed...
  4. iPod Touch Mame Emulator: Mame4iPhone With the new Mame4iPhone emulator for iPod Touch and iPhone you can play over 2,000 games which were released after 1970. The new emulator...

This post found on go have a look and enjoy the portable, SNES, Genesis and, arcade.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Nintendo unveils the 3DS

After six long years nintendo unveils it's latest attraction in the pocket console market the Nintendo 3DS this brilliant new gaming device displays in true 3d stereo vision. check out the video!

This badboy looks awesome.

Company president Sataru Iwata takes the stage and unveils the Nintendo 3dS. The unit has a bluish metallic color and closely resembles the Nintendo DS, and the 3DS logo closely resembles that of the DS as well. The device has a sliding control on the side to control the depth of the 3D environment.

The 3DS features a sliding pad for character control and it boasts a 3d camera. The 3DS is said to be able to play movies similar to the PSP, but it will be able to play these movies in stereoscopic 3d. Much like the new TV technologies coming out. This looks to be a good day for Nintendo and in my opinion one of the first good days they have had in a long time.

How to build a computer step by step

So you want a computer, but you don't want the hassle of purchasing it from Dell, HP or Gateway, since they always want to sell you over priced upgrades or void your warranty for a memory upgrade. This is a good idea on your parts you still retain a manufacturers warranty on each of the products you install to create your PC. These warranties extend typically as long as the manufacture warranty for a prebuilt from Dell. Ironic, not really Dell buys the same components you do and these components when they go out are returned to the manufacturer by dell.

Click HERE to read more.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

What is the best TV to buy

With many different types of TVs today and so many manufactures, you may find yourself confused when shopping for a new TV for your living room. There are so many available, it's mind boggling. Well here are some tips on "what the best TV to buy is." Estranged as it may be there are some guidelines available to you on picking the TV for you.

How does the TV look, if it doesn't look right to you, it probably won't look right in your living room. Take some time to inspect it. Does it have black borders which aren't too distracting? Does it have a good picture? If it looks bad in the store it will look bad at home, maybe worse with less lighting.

What Is the TV, is it a plasma, LCD, or if your shopping used, is it a Projection model TV? If you intend to buy a Projection model TV ensure that you have enough space for it in your living room. If the TV is an LCD model then ensure that you can put it's height proportionate to those who will be sitting in your living room, or at the right viewing angle.

If the TV you are looking at is a plasma then ensure that you have a place to mount it. A place where your children and their friends can't sit too close to the TV. When choosing which brand to buy read carefully manufacture warranties. These may be your only recourse should you have problems with the TV later.

If the store you intend to purchase the TV from has service warranties, you should read these as well. These warranties may provide for a more immediate recovery of your living room, should the TV have issues.

Think about quality of brand, and reliability when choosing what TV is the best TV to buy for you. If you have a particular brand of TV in mind this is all the better for you, as this can lead to a considerably easier buyer experience.

What you should do is, concern yourself with being an informed consumer before you buy a new TV. Weigh the features and vulnerabilities. To help with this I've linked a few articles that you may also read. These will hopefully help you be better informed prior to buying that TV.

You can read about plasma TVs here. You can read about the differences between plasma and HD, in case you don't know that they are the same here. And here is an article about the differences between LCD and plasma.

My short answer to What the best TV to buy is would be a Sony LED model LCD television, but that is my personal preference. You should make this decision based on your own experiences and the knowledge provided. The best TV to buy is based considerably upon your own experience with the TV and how it will fit into your life.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Need a good antivirus?

So your tired of hearing that you need an antivirus and your ready to do something about it. If you have chosen to install Kaspersky then your in the right place. This guide will detail the entire install process from purchase through, reboot.

1. The first thing you want to do is go here. If you already bought Kaspersky you can skip ahead to step 4.

2. When you are on the Kaspersky internet page select your product, and contract license. The cheapest option available is $59.95 right now for 3 pcs and 1 year of updates.

3. Provide payment details, and download your version of Kaspersky. You should get a window, and an email with your serial number in it save them.

4. Depending on your browser you will be given different options for download location find the download and run it, or just click run file when you click on it to have it auto run.

5. A new window should pop up giving you some information about the installer click next to continue.

6. You should now be looking at the EULA you will have to agree to this before you can continue. briefly read through this then click on "I agree".

7. Now it displays an informed consent for data collection which will be sent back to Kaspersky for analysis of new viruses and threats. make sure the I accept box is checked then click install.

8. You may see a list of incompatible programs at this point if you do you will have to select each and click remove before you can proceed. after clicking remove find the program in the new list in windows uninstaller and click remove again.

9. Click next and you may get a popup which says the computer needs to be rebooted go ahead and do so now.

10. After the reboot you will likely be presented with a window which asks you to repeat steps 4 through 9 just continue if you had conflicting programs it wanted to make sure that they where completely removed before installing.

11. Now the install will begin after it's completed you will be asked to provide the serial number you obtained from step 1-3 earlier in the website provide the serial and click "Next".

12. You should see a message which says activation successful now simply click "next" and then click finish and you're done.

One of the first things you will want to do after completing the download, is right click on the Kaspersky icon and open up the main display. There you will want to click update and let Kaspersky proceed. Without up to date virus definitions Kaspersky won't work very well.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Twisted Metal release on PS3

If you enjoy that carnage you know we all love then you have probably played Twisted metal one, two, or three. It's a well know game with many followers and guess what, it's going to be released on the PS3 now. With so many followers it's sure to be a hit and it features 16 to 24 player online play. There aren't too many features known about this new game yet, but it's sure to look sweet. You can check out the official post here. I don't know about you but I can't wait.

Playstation Plus to be released

After providing years of free online play and service. Sony is set to release a new add on model service to it's Playstation Network users. This will not effect those who choose to continue to play and browse free. This subscription model simply encompasses new and featured content for those who are willing to pay for the added service functionality. While those who choose not to, continue to receive the same service they always have. Sounds like an exciting day for Sony.

Day one.

This being my first post on this blog I would like to let you know a little about me.

About me (Link back to helium)

I am a 25 year old jack of all trades.
I am ambidextrous so I have a bit of both worlds some artistic talent as well as mechanical understanding. Though my right is more dominant and thus it's harder for me to be creative and easier to extrapolate upon something that can more readily be seen.

I like to write short stories and implement these stories into my game development hobbies. Though I struggle a bit with both the technical aspects of the programming languages and the artistic qualities of the imagery that I choose to represent in my games I persevere and come up with a great mix.

I often work, alone, live alone, and eat alone as this is just my way. I prefer quiet solitude, and the peaceful tranquility that you can only find by being all alone with nature.

I have never really written before on a professional level and this is my attempt at breaking into this area. I play guitar write my own songs and have no patience for learning others songs. I tend to enjoy the results of my efforts in whatever I do even when others may not, and I strive to do the best I can at whatever I do.

I post articles on helium on a daily basis, and will likely post some of those here. However, my intention is to keep the content here original and fresh. Where helium is very competitive here I can just express my thoughts and talk about topics of interest like technology.