Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day one.

This being my first post on this blog I would like to let you know a little about me.

About me (Link back to helium)

I am a 25 year old jack of all trades.
I am ambidextrous so I have a bit of both worlds some artistic talent as well as mechanical understanding. Though my right is more dominant and thus it's harder for me to be creative and easier to extrapolate upon something that can more readily be seen.

I like to write short stories and implement these stories into my game development hobbies. Though I struggle a bit with both the technical aspects of the programming languages and the artistic qualities of the imagery that I choose to represent in my games I persevere and come up with a great mix.

I often work, alone, live alone, and eat alone as this is just my way. I prefer quiet solitude, and the peaceful tranquility that you can only find by being all alone with nature.

I have never really written before on a professional level and this is my attempt at breaking into this area. I play guitar write my own songs and have no patience for learning others songs. I tend to enjoy the results of my efforts in whatever I do even when others may not, and I strive to do the best I can at whatever I do.

I post articles on helium on a daily basis, and will likely post some of those here. However, my intention is to keep the content here original and fresh. Where helium is very competitive here I can just express my thoughts and talk about topics of interest like technology.

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