Thursday, June 17, 2010

What is the best TV to buy

With many different types of TVs today and so many manufactures, you may find yourself confused when shopping for a new TV for your living room. There are so many available, it's mind boggling. Well here are some tips on "what the best TV to buy is." Estranged as it may be there are some guidelines available to you on picking the TV for you.

How does the TV look, if it doesn't look right to you, it probably won't look right in your living room. Take some time to inspect it. Does it have black borders which aren't too distracting? Does it have a good picture? If it looks bad in the store it will look bad at home, maybe worse with less lighting.

What Is the TV, is it a plasma, LCD, or if your shopping used, is it a Projection model TV? If you intend to buy a Projection model TV ensure that you have enough space for it in your living room. If the TV is an LCD model then ensure that you can put it's height proportionate to those who will be sitting in your living room, or at the right viewing angle.

If the TV you are looking at is a plasma then ensure that you have a place to mount it. A place where your children and their friends can't sit too close to the TV. When choosing which brand to buy read carefully manufacture warranties. These may be your only recourse should you have problems with the TV later.

If the store you intend to purchase the TV from has service warranties, you should read these as well. These warranties may provide for a more immediate recovery of your living room, should the TV have issues.

Think about quality of brand, and reliability when choosing what TV is the best TV to buy for you. If you have a particular brand of TV in mind this is all the better for you, as this can lead to a considerably easier buyer experience.

What you should do is, concern yourself with being an informed consumer before you buy a new TV. Weigh the features and vulnerabilities. To help with this I've linked a few articles that you may also read. These will hopefully help you be better informed prior to buying that TV.

You can read about plasma TVs here. You can read about the differences between plasma and HD, in case you don't know that they are the same here. And here is an article about the differences between LCD and plasma.

My short answer to What the best TV to buy is would be a Sony LED model LCD television, but that is my personal preference. You should make this decision based on your own experiences and the knowledge provided. The best TV to buy is based considerably upon your own experience with the TV and how it will fit into your life.

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Thanks for this helpful and informative blog. You're so right about the confusing proliferation of technology these days.