Thursday, July 1, 2010

The best new technologies of E3 2010

The best new technologies, is an often sought after topic, one that makes us revel in the adamants of it's foundation. While the E3 conferences bring us tidings of a new era, there are often some items which are more sought after then others. These items will rake in the news, and the glory as their releases wet our appetite for something new. Below I have listed some of these very releases. These releases have made my mouth sop with drool for want. In the order that they aspire to our creativity from the best to the worst.

Nintendo 3DS,

The Nintendo 3DS is Nintendo's 3rd installment of the GBA platform. The Nintendo 3DS is backwards compatible with DSi games, and features a 3D display, that doesn't require you to wear 3D glasses. Yes, I did say you don't have to wear the 3D glasses anymore.

Though Nintendo did not go into specifics of how the technology works, they did inform us the viewers, that this new technology will not require us to wear glasses. However, it gets better, this new technology being released by Nintendo is going to support 3D movies from some of the top movie producers, right from day one of it's release.

Microsoft's Kinetic,

Microsoft's Kinetic is set to blow your mind, with such great aspirations as to give you complete control of your entertainment, communication, and social grandeur, all right in front of your TV. While the Kinetic has some improvements yet to be made, and the unveiling of it was a bit showy, it still conveys the thoughts that where meant to be conveyed by Microsoft's presentation.

The Xbox 360 is soon to be your household center. Letting you do much more with your console then just playing games. The console will become a family center while those around you are encouraged, to simply join in.

While the games that may feature this functionality consist of sports games, dancing, and racing games. All of these games encourage you to become more active, and some may even encourage those around you to do more then, just sit around watching.

PlayStation Move,

The PlayStation move is a wand like device somewhat resembling the Wii controller in functionality. While this device may appear to be the same as a Wii controller, it is considered by Sony to be far more sensitive. For those of you who bought a Wii just for the interactive game play, and not the technology, or the graphics, it may be time to give up on Nintendo and make the move to Sony.

PlayStation 3D,

The PlayStation 3 is being rebuilt from the ground up with new 3D television compatable technology, giving you true to life depth perception in many new and upcoming titles. Blu-ray being capable of the highest resolutions possible out of a media player, set the PS3 out in the lead, in both gaming technology, and movie technology. What better system to go 3D with then the PS3? When this 3D technology is combined with the PlayStation Move the effect upon your very perception of reality will be twisted so much, you may even begin to believe you are in the "Kill Zone".