Friday, June 18, 2010

Nintendo unveils the 3DS

After six long years nintendo unveils it's latest attraction in the pocket console market the Nintendo 3DS this brilliant new gaming device displays in true 3d stereo vision. check out the video!

This badboy looks awesome.

Company president Sataru Iwata takes the stage and unveils the Nintendo 3dS. The unit has a bluish metallic color and closely resembles the Nintendo DS, and the 3DS logo closely resembles that of the DS as well. The device has a sliding control on the side to control the depth of the 3D environment.

The 3DS features a sliding pad for character control and it boasts a 3d camera. The 3DS is said to be able to play movies similar to the PSP, but it will be able to play these movies in stereoscopic 3d. Much like the new TV technologies coming out. This looks to be a good day for Nintendo and in my opinion one of the first good days they have had in a long time.