Saturday, June 19, 2010

Facebook making money.

Facebook revenues abound, with Facebook reporting earnings of as much as $800 million for 2009. Facebook is quickly becoming a new advertising medium for all sorts of businesses. With a massive viewer base it's no surprise many companies are creating Facebook pages just to get their names out there.

With so many on facebook today you have to ask yourself though is it really safe to be on facebook? Privacy terms aside you have to take into consideration everything you upload to facebook becomes their property.

If a friend uploads a picture of you getting smashed on Friday and your boss sees it you could be fired. Is it really worth it? Some of the most embarrassing moments in your life are being advertised daily.

There have been multiple rulings that once you give up your privacy, there is no longer any expectation of maintaining that privacy. This could be used for police and other authorities to monitor your Facebook accounts. Using information found on your Facebook wall or even a friends. You could be brought up on charges for some of those embarrassing moments!

All that aside Facebook networking seems very appealing to most and will probably remain so. As an advertising media Facebook is ideal for promoting your web pages your works and more. Without Facebook many would feel completely lost an earnest attachment has been created for some, one which could arguably be called an addiction.