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Is Clear Internet Service Any Good?

Clear Went by the Name of Clear-Wire Prior to a Lawsuit Involving Unfair Lease Contracts

Many people these days seek an on the go internet provider, and Clear can certainly fill that need. The unfortunate problem lies in their inherent inability, to provide wireless access to every region, due to the fact that Clear is based on 2.6Ghz wireless signals. (CultureGadgetsIndustryServicesWeb)
Best Web Design Software Programs

These 5 Web Development Software Programs Will Satisfy Your Need for Web Content with Ease

When you need to build a webpage right away, and don't know anything about HTML, you often turn to web design software programs as a solution. Even people who before would have written their code out in pure HTML, may be interested in using some web development software programs to "spruce up" their webpages, or learn to use more advanced features of web design, like XHTML or PHP scripting. Where to turn for the best web development software programs currently on the market though? (CultureIndustrySoftwareWeb)

Top 5 All in One PCs

The PCs You Can Put in Your Living or Bedroom Without Getting Crowded.

The term PC was coined by IBM in the early eighties to mean Personal Computer, the first in their line was the 8088 and was about the size of a large suitcase weighing at least 35 lbs. Because most people don't have a lot of space for a computer and recent technology has allowed us to manufacture smaller and smaller electronics, the all in one PC has been created. iMacs can't really be called PCs and so they won't be included in this list of the top 5 all in one PC. However, you should know that they were the original all in one computer. Now let's take a look at those top 5 all in one PCs. (AudioCultureGadgetsGamingHi-techPCPC hardwareVideo)
How to Change Your OS

The operating system or OS is one of the most integral parts of your computer system and, choosing the right OS for you, is one of the single most important decisions you could make. With that said changing your OS is not something to be taken lightly. Fortunately you can dual boot different platforms to determine which one works best for you. (CultureSoftware)

How to Change Your Screen Resolution

Nicholas Ward AC : "Not everyone knows what "Screen resolution" even means, so I'm writing this quick guide entitled "How to Change Your screen resolution" in order to assist some of the less knowledgeable people out there." (SoftwareVideo)

SEO for Google and the Caffeine Update

SEO is 'Search Engine Optimization', and Nicholas Ward is going to delve into the very bowels of this beast, in the hopes to better explain some new and important optimization techniques, used to conquer Google. Google for the time being, is the largest search engine, receiving the largest amount of search queries. (CultureGoogle,GoogleServicesSoftwareWeb)
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Amazing New Military Technology: Greatest Military Inventions This Millennium

The military has brought us such great inventions as the Internet, then followed shortly after by the GPS system, we widely use as civilians. Now we are left to wonder, what other amazing technologies are they working on now?(CultureGadgetsHi-tech)

5 Reasons AOL Should Have Quit a Long Time Ago

AOL, more commonly referred to as AO Hell, is one of the single worst service providers ever. AOL has been accused, and with good merit, more times then once, of collecting more then just passwords and billing information. This realization of just how bad AOL is came to Nicholas Ward when he was doing some maintenance on my aunts computer. (CultureIndustrySoftwareWeb)

Five Great Science Fair Projects

Nicholas Ward AC : "Looking for some science fair projects which will give you the best bang for your buck? The Science fair is after all, a place to test your knowledge, build confidence, and create some interesting conversation pieces, so let me go over some of my old favorites that seem timeless and full of surprises."(CultureGadgetsHi-techIndustrySoftware)

Linux VS. Windows: Which is Best?

Linux and Windows are not exactly fair competition. While Linux is on the prowl, the designation for 'king of the roost' still lies with Microsoft. The features you have come to expect from Microsoft remain even to this day. (CultureLinuxServicesSoftware)

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 How to Pick a Netbook That's Right for You

Nicholas Ward AC : "This article was inspired by a Twitter users request to me. Upon reading some of my other articles she promptly realized that I was well versed in technology and sent me a DM. In this DM she asked me "what netbook would suit me to use for work.paperwork n stuff." " (GadgetsHi-techPC hardwareToysTwitter)
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Five of the Most Ridiculous Gadgets

Gadgets come in all sizes and flavors these days, from the biggest and greatest new energy saving technology, to the smallest almost insignificant barely used technology found in many stores around the globe, but there is a fine line. In the middle these categories is the category "The most ridiculous gadgets". These gadgets are either hilarious, useless, or just plain awkward to use, so lets take a look at five of these gadgets and see what makes them so intriguing. (CultureGadgets)

Top 5 universities for software engineering

Nicholas Ward : "There are many universities out there today, but just a few of them stand above the rest in terms of education, work connections, and reputation. In this article I plan to cover the top 5 universities for the career choice of software engineering. Lets get right into it shall we, I'm sure you are eager to see how they rate." (CultureHi-tech,IndustryServicesSoftware)

How a rear projection TV works

If your the curious type of person who just has to know how everything works. Nicholas Ward - "I know I am." Then there are lots of things out there for you to discover. Maybe you have watched your projection TV too long, and started to wonder just how it works. If this is you, your the type of person who just has to know. Then you have come to the right place. (AudioCultureVideo)

How to increase your computer performance.

Many people use computers these days for everything from writing articles to submitting presentations and playing games, but what many people don't know is how they can improve their computer's performance. Performance can be a major issue depending on what you do with your computer and performance degrades over time. As you install and uninstall components your computer will begin to lag.

Antivirus software, firewalls and other utilities you may run in the background contribute to these performance issues as well. Fragmentation of your hard drive due to constant usage, hard drive corruption due to power failures, and even viruses will degrade performance over time. Here's a little hint on what you can do to increase your performance and make that PC run better then new. (Hi-techIndustryPC hardware,Software)

How to clean your Blu-Ray drive.

If like most people you enjoy kicking back in your home and watching the big screen in HD, then you probably own a Blu-ray player, because it has the cleanest, brightest, and sharpest picture available in today's consumer market. Having built on the DVD standard creating a whole new disc format, the Blu-ray player can hold ten times the data of a DVD. But what do you do if it starts skipping, or fails to read that movie you just bought from the store? (AudioHi-techIndustryVideo)

Ten Gadgets Seniors Shouldn't Be Without

Whether at home relaxing or out at the mall doing some shopping. Your grandparents are always in jeopardy when it comes to falling down, having a stroke, or just plain forgetting where they are. If you are concerned about them, then there are some gadgets you can get them to assist them even when you aren't there. These are the ten gadgets your grandparents shouldn't be without. (CultureGadgetsHi-techIndustryServicesToys)

How Does Defragmentation Work?

Computers are not just purely electrical devices.They also have moving components in them. These moving components take time to find themselves in the proper place to retrieve data. Some such components include DVD Drives, Hard Drives, CD drives,Floppy drives, and Zip Drives. There are varying cabling formats to each of these components including SCSI SATA IDE or a Floppy Ribbon some are even external like USB or IEEE but the point is that these devices require some time to retrieve data more so then say a USB flash drive or an SD micro Chip.(CultureHi-techIndustryPC hardwareSoftware)

Home Theater Cable Guide

Home theater systems have become a new living room necessity; everyone seems to have one now. With home theater systems on the rise, it's becoming more and more apparent that we have a need for new technologies which enhance these systems. With new technology comes new pain some technologies aren't backwards compatible, some technologies are backwards compatible and some technologies are required to get the best out of your home theater system. (AudioCultureHi-techIndustryServicesVideo)

How to repair or replace your laptop LCD screen.

Laptop screens are typically composed of the same materials used in LCD screens. If your screen becomes cracked you have no choice but to replace it. This can be a costly repair if you hire a professional to do it. Fortunately you don't have to. To replace a laptop screen all you have to do is follow this guide "How to replace a laptop screen".(CultureGadgetsHi-techIndustryPC hardwareServices)
The Difference Between 1080i and 1080P

The difference in 1080P and 1080i is like night and day to some, and yet to others it poses both a question and a problem. What is the difference? Televisions have come a long way since the CRT days of the SNES. It can be difficult to compare features now that there are so many to compare. (AudioCultureHDTVsHi-techVideo)
How important is HD TV refresh rate?

The importance of HD TV refresh rate is measured by the viewer. However, there are situations when a higher refresh rate can considerably benefit the user. While these higher refresh rates eliminate judder to some extent it is not totally gone from American TV. Some of the ways that a higher HD TV refresh rate may benefit the user include higher frame rates in computer, consoles, elimination or lessening of judder in movies, and less flicker. (AudioCulture,GadgetsHDTVsHi-techVideo)
How to Increase Wireless Network Signal

If your wireless network connection is lacking in performance, and feels like it's moving slower then snail mail, you might need to change a few things to get better performance. (CultureGadgetsIndustryPC hardwareServicesWeb)
Prevent Malware, Phishing, Viruses, and Packet Sniffing

Everyone has something they would just rather the rest of the world not know, from things like your social security numbers to bank information to simple pictures which may not have been taken in the best of light if seen by certain parties. For many Hackers and scammers alike, this information is invaluable; this is exactly the kind of stuff they are after. (CultureHi-techIndustryServicesSoftwareWeb)
How to Build a Computer Step by Step

So you want a computer, but you don't want the hassle of purchasing it from Dell, HP or Gateway, since they always want to sell you over priced upgrades or void your warranty for a memory upgrade. This is a good idea on your part you still retain a manufacturers warranty on each of the products you install to create your PC. These warranties extend typically as long as the manufacture warranty for a prebuilt from Dell. Ironic, not really Dell buys the same components you do and these components when they go out are returned to the manufacturer by dell. (Culture,GamingHi-techIndustryPC hardwareServicesSoftwareWeb)

The Top Color E-readers on the Market

Color E-readers are a relatively new thing unless you consider the iPod or the iPad to be color E-readers. These are much more than readers, and as such carry a higher price. E-reading is not apples market. Apple caters to a different crowd. That being said, I would like to tell you about some of the up and coming Color E-reader technologies, and some of the available color E-readers, including tablet PCs and other handheld units which can perform the functions of an E-reader. (CultureGadgetsHi-techIndustryiPadToysWeb)

How to Transfer Music from Your IPod to ITunes

Nicholas Ward AC : "The fact that you're here tells me either, you wiped your hard drive and forgot to copy your iTunes first or, you have your friends iPod and you are looking to make use of it by copying all the music off. Either way, if you attempt to copy the music and fail you will find yourself in a bit of trouble." (CultureGadgetsHi-techItunesToys)

Computer Repair Fraud

Computer repair fraud, like mechanical repair fraud, construction repair fraud and a million other kinds of fraud, is on the rise. You drop your computer off to be repaired. The shop runs a defrag, charges you $100 and claims it can't be fixed. You get a bit suspicious, because after they say it can't be fixed they decide that they want to keep it "if you don't mind". (CultureIndustryPC hardwareServices)

The GHZ, Computers Today VS Years Ago

The GHZ is a story about the evolution of The GHZ and the meaning of the acronym. The GHZ is a history of computers as we know it. Computers have changed considerably over the years. In the 50's a computer used for simple calculations would have taken up a football field, and the military needed entire base facilities just to house their computers.

Back in the 50's you didn't work on a computer, you worked inside the computer! Finally in the late 70's and early 80's, the first PC's, the 8088's, where released and back then it would have cost you $1500 for a monochrome monitor, an 8088, and a printer that only printed Ascii and only in black and white. (CultureIndustryPC hardware)
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Teleportation Possible Using This Science of Quantum Physics

With this science of quantum physics at the forefront of the next generation of technological advancements, we move closer to an age of Star Trek philosophies and the world as we know it may be changed so drastically that it can only be related to a science fiction novel.

With a process called quantum entanglement instant teleportation may indeed be coming to light. This science made all those days watching Star Trek and thinking this could happen pay off for scientists.

Albert Einstein called the entanglement effect spooky and unbelievable, but how does it work? (AudioCultureGadgets,Hi-techIndustryPC hardwareServicesToysVideo)
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Twitter Social Media, or Advertising Center?

The fundamental design of twitter from the very beginning has been to become one of the greatest marketing platforms ever according to the twitter founders themselves, so then, why today do so many insist that twitter is a social platform? (CultureServicesSoftwareTwitter)
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Top 5 Wireless speakers, get them while they're hot

Nicholas Ward AC : "If you are the type of person who hates wires looming in the distance, hanging from walls, and spanning across your ceiling, but just loves the hi fidelity sound of a great speaker setup. Then what you need is the loudest set of wireless speakers you can get your hands on, and not just loud wireless speakers, but quality sounding professional audiophile approved devices.

Lucky for you I'm like you, and I've already done some research on the subject. While I may not be able to afford to buy them all, they sure make me drool, so lets get right down to it shall we?" (AudioCultureGadgetsHi-techToys)
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Blackberry Torch Preview - The Design, Features and Applications

The Blackberry Torch, is a new line in digital entertainment, and a phone with distinction amongst the rest. The latest Blackberry Torch stands out above the rest in terms of Internet chat features, video effects, and more, but there's one small and unfortunate drawback. The Blackberry Torch has a pure lack of applications when compared to its rivals in the cell phone industry, the iPhone, and the Android.(BlackBerryPhones)
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Greatest Medical Industry Technological Advancements This Decade

Cybernetic Implants May Not Be as Far Off as We Once Thought

Nicholas Ward AC : "When it comes to the latest in medical technology many would argue that the most interesting or greatest inventions are the ones that keep people alive. I however, would argue that these inventions only prolongs a person's suffering, and for this reason anything that would artificially keep a person alive, will not be on this my list of the five greatest medical industry technological advancements this decade." (CultureHi-techIndustryServices)