Sunday, July 25, 2010

What are you going to play?

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Soon to be released are the Sony Playstation Move and the Xbox 360 Kinect as well as a the Nintendo 3Ds and a new Zelda so the question is what are you playing? At the time of writing I was looking at the new Zelda game "Zelda Skyward Sword" which looks to be truley interactive and a very compelling game to be certain.

 I've been playing RPG and action RPG type games since I was a kid and FPS shooters are just a turn off for me so I guess that would put them in the classification of "Games I hate, but everyone else seems to love".

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Some of the new titles to be released in this genre include Modern Warfare 2, Rage, and Killl Zone 3.

Though these titles look particularly spectacular in design graphics, and perhaps even innovation. They simply don't draw my attention away from the more interesting games.

Some of the current and upcoming titles that I just have to have include, Legend of Zelda : Skyward Sword, Star Ocean : The Last Hope, and Vandal Hearts : Flames of Judgment.

All these great RPG and adventure titles just make me want to rush out and buy them right away. In my opinion these are the top releases for 2010. Though far from perfect, they feature great intense story lines and progressive features, which by their very design pull you into the game. If you can play one of these games and not feel as though you are participating in the progression of events then there may be some thing wrong with you.

Here just have a look at Vandal Hearts : Flames of Judgement.

Star Ocean : Till The End Of Time was a fantastic game for the PS2 with an involving storyline and two possible stories though they didn't differ by very much. The game play design in this game was brilliant, nearly true real time battles with all of your characters, full control over a massive spell base, and more. The story line starts you off in a ship with your father, which crash lands on a strange planet.

The main character moves towards a strange device, and in a flash is teleported to a strange new universe! Here you face new creatures, and enemies the likes of which you have never seen before on an uncharted world. Since the PS2 Star Ocean was so great what do you think we can expect from the PS3 version? Everything the PS2 game gave us and better graphics of course!

So if you haven't decided what your next purchase should be yet, then heed my advice and find a great game like the ones I've mentioned. If the games you want to play aren't listed, then feel free to drop a comment.
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