Saturday, July 3, 2010

Biggest new technology at E3?

Some of the biggest surprises at E3 this year where the unveiling of the Nintendo 3DS, the PlayStation Move, and the Kinetic by Microsoft. These three technologies combined where so surprising and awe inspiring that the very earth shook from the screams of the crowd. Though E3 holds another conference every year, this one has definitely held the most ground breaking technology in a long time.

If you have ever thought about what it would be like to watch a 3D movie without glasses, think no more. Nintendo's 3DS makes your thoughts and possibly even your dreams a reality, and even improves upon the DSi's controller interface. giving you a sliding directional control and tilt and yaw motion sensing. The release of this new platform and the very idea of 3D without glasses is by far one of the most surprising events that unfolded out of the E3 conferences.

Nintendo thought they had cornered the market on motion controller devices until Sony unveiled the PlayStation Move which has set a new precedent for hand held control at the flick of the wrist. Having been down this road before Sony had given up on the Eye Toy as a human control device the Eye Toys market was considerably less then anticipated this partly due to the need for a large open area and properly lit room to operate the device without error.

Well guess what, Sony has now released an excellent counter to the Wii mote this device, the PlayStation Move, is capable of tilt yaw and bi directional motion tracking where you move your hand is all you need to control your ship storm trooper, or wizard and with this new technology some of us may be left questioning Nintendo on the purpose of it's Wii in today's market.

While the Nintendo Wii sports a nice inventive controller interface it lacks in the entertainment department not offering much in movies or online entertainment and severely lacking in graphical capability The Wii's hardware is not much more then it's predecessor the Game Cube which led a very short life.

And what about the Eye Toy by Sony? we all thought they had given up on the idea but Microsoft has surprised us by stepping up to the plate it's not clear exactly how this motion sensing technology works yet wether through a camera infrared device or some other form of motion sensing

This technology could best be described as a human controller much like the design of the Eye Toy but rather then put your literal image into the game they took it a step further and let you be anyone you want to be controlling your character in the game through motions of your hands legs and arms.

Even the tilt of your head could be a gesture used to facilitate this device. Many games debuted at Microsoft's unveiling of the Kinetic and they all looked really good While not much is being said about this yet Microsoft sure did a bang up job of advertising it.

Not that it surprises me that they over embellished a bit I mean Microsoft has always been one to over market a product just look at those old PIII commercials or the Intel inside slogan with the little blue men.

If you weren't surprised at any of these events then you just surprised me and made the final biggest surprise at E3 this year Hope to see you reading my articles at the next E3 conferences next year.