Friday, July 2, 2010

Who would have thought?

In the south pole a new technology lingers on the tip of my tongue, not to speak of it just yet as this technology has facilitated some of the greatest advancements possible to mankind. This technology by very design is helping us understand, the very universe, the neutrons particles, and atoms that construct the very fiber of our world.

This new technology is, believe it or not, a telescope and not just a telescope, but one taller then the empire state building, and where would it be pointed? Surprise, it's pointed down, not up the answers that we seek aren't always in the sky.

Sometimes the answers are right here on Earth, the telescope is being built to monitor neutrons in our Earths crust to gain a higher understanding of how they work, what they mean, and eventually, I'm sure they will even be able to tell you exactly how the Earth came to be.

Forget carbon dating with this telescope, every radioactive charge that hit our Earth from within our solar system could be dated. it's possible we could even gain the knowledge necessary, to re create our Earth itself. As compelling as I'm sure I make this all sound why don't you go visit the original story.