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Internet speed problems got you down?

Well, I'm back in action on Helium. It's been a while since I have written for Helium, but I'm intrigued to see how their new payment policy pans out.My most recent articles cover download rates and how to improve them if possible. I'll be sure to keep you informed as I write new content for Helium. Ironically both articles went to the number 1 position before being rated down to the last below an article with horrible grammar... Same old same with Helium, as far as rating goes, I suppose. So here they are.

Active 01/17/11
3of 3Download speeds are very dependent on ISPs and the services they provide. The higher your Mbps download, the faster your download will be. A serve...

I hope you enjoy the tips thanks for reading :)

Eww never mind the ugly format I'll have to figure something better out before I post anymore Helium titles here...

Friday, January 14, 2011

Internet background and information

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What is an Internet Cookie and What Does it Do?

Internet cookies are a term often left in doubt to the common Internet user, some people know what they are, but not how to find them. Other people don't know what they are, and have only read about them on the Internet in forums or chat networks. This article will cover the aspects of what a cookie is, what it does, and even how to find and remove it. (CultureIndustryServicesWeb)

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DNS Servers: What They Are

DNS servers rarely get the credit they deserve for making the Internet go round. From the early nineties till now they have always been present in the back-door to the Internet world providing us with links to IP addresses that many common people have never even heard of. This is article is intended to point out some of the aspects of DNS servers and guide you through the world wide web. (CultureIndustryServicesWeb)

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Internet Proxies: What They Do

The Internet is a unique place to meet friends, make enemies, and do a variety of other things you might not want your mother knowing about. You may enjoy a game of 'hack the mule' or 'smack the open ports' and if you do then you probably already know what the proxy is. For the rest of us who hound the Internet in search of answers, the definition of a proxy is simple and follows below. (CultureIndustryServicesSoftwareWeb)

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Nasty Computer Viruses and How to Remove Them

Not everyone runs out to buy a new malware removal tool every time their antivirus misses a beat. Some people can't afford to do that and others simply choose not to. This article is for those of you who don't feel the need to rush out and buy the hot new anti-virus, malware-removal, or anti-spyware, tool on the market. But first to give you a little background on the most common ways these nasty viruses get on your computer. (CultureServices,Software)

Performance computer specifications

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SLI VS Crossfire: Which One is Better?

When considering which board to purchase one must pay attention to whether a mainboard is SLI or crossfire enabled. The reason that this is such an important aspect of a board configuration is that SLI only works with Nvidia based GPUs and Crossfire only works with ATI based GPUs. Furthermore these competing companies don't exactly agree with each other on driver installs either with each one disabling the others driver if found

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Nvidia VS ATI: Which is Better?

Nvidia and ATI nearly completely dominate the market for video processors today much like AMD and Intel have dominated the Central Processing Unit market in the past. While many people opt for Nvidia based GPUs(Graphical Processing Units) due to their enhanced PhysX capabilities and streamlined architecture, there are just as many who would say that ATI is ahead of the game.

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64bit VS. 32bit Windows

Whether you choose to continue using Windows XP, Vista, or are ready to upgrade to Windows 7, you have an important question to ask yourself before you even begin the install: Are you ready for 64 bit?

Off topic but interesting.

Fatherhood Rights in Washington State,

Fathers Have Rights Too

Nicholas Ward

Monday, November 22, 2010

3D modeling using wings 3D

I apologize for the delays since my last update I've been working very hard on many new projects and it's during the holiday season, so I've had many family obligations as well. With that out of the way let us begin this quick overview of this great program called Wings3D.

Wings 3D is an open source 3D modeler, and one of the first to use such simple and intuitive interfaces as to allow a person with no prior experience to jump in and begin development on a model. It's no surprise that many people use 3DS Max instead, but this is one expensive piece of software. If you are a beginner all the added functions can actually make 3DS more confusing then it needs to be.

With that said one of the most intuitive functions that can be found in Wings3D is the ability to sculpt your work as if it were a piece of clay. You can enter sculpting mode by clicking on tools followed by sculpt. If at any point you would like to try it out for yourself just follow this link to the Wings 3D webpage. The sculpt function can be invaluable in adding specialized details to your work and streamlines the process of moving faces and meshes.

I'm no pro by any means when it comes to 3D modeling, however, I would say my work speaks for itself if a Noob like me can create something like this, so can you. You cannot hope to understand the time and detail that goes into each model until you have tried to make one yourself. Whether it is for a movie, a game, or even a comic book rendering you are sure to enjoy the time spent even more so as the completed project begins to pop up on your screen. (BTW Wings 3D can use shaders to produce images for all 3)

Overall my first model in wings including, face, body, and quite a bit of detail took me approximately 8 hours. I did start with a model prior to the one I ended up with, but I didn't like it, so I scrapped it. After learning the Wings 3D functions, I knew I could do so much better.
In short if you need a good modeling program that is completely free to use, works on multiple operating systems, and utilizes 64bit technology, then Wings is for you. Unfortunately once you complete your model you will have to export it to 3DS if you wish to make it move.

There is a free alternative to 3DS Max called Anim8or which I have been using for a while now to make stand alone and moving models. Wings3D is capable of exporting to many different formats which gives you the possibility to export into a compatible format then import into Anim8or and add skeletal structure for making movies.



Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Halloween Games For All.

Well I figured it was about time I got into the spirit of Halloween and what better way to do that than to slap together a quick flash game that lets you throw Butterfingers at Jackolanterns?

I certainly hope your up to the task. Can you feed the infinite wave 900 Butterfingers to complete the game? Just in case you do. Let me know and I'll update the game with a new level, and some more creatures of the night. I must warn you that you have no lives in this Halloween game. If you are shot it resets immediately, so don't go getting yourself killed!

Hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it. Flash CS5 makes Flash programming a breeze less then 24 hours and I'm already getting the hang of it.

If you want a quick start to programming Flash you should check out this Game Innovator blog post, using the source found there, I quickly had this small project done. This post is a bit old and targetted at CS4. However, the scripts still function in CS5 very well.  Happy Halloween!

Don't forget to drop by my article Halloween is Here on AC for some tips on keeping safe and finding great local attractions.

Update : I've decide to write an article detailing the process of creating this game using CS5 since GameInnovators post appears to be dead. You can find the details below.

How to Make a Flash Game

If you've been wondering how to get started with flash game development, then wonder no more. To get started all you need to do is download the latest flash development tool, Flash CS5 from Adobe. Don't worry, I know $250 seems steep, but you can quickly get up and running with the 30 day trial. If that's not long enough to get you started you might want to try something a bit easier fist. (Casual gamesCultureDevIndustry)

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Latest reviews and tech posts on AC

Is Clear Internet Service Any Good?

Clear Went by the Name of Clear-Wire Prior to a Lawsuit Involving Unfair Lease Contracts

Many people these days seek an on the go internet provider, and Clear can certainly fill that need. The unfortunate problem lies in their inherent inability, to provide wireless access to every region, due to the fact that Clear is based on 2.6Ghz wireless signals. (CultureGadgetsIndustryServicesWeb)
2.5 / 5 Read full review >>
What Energy Is, Where it Comes From

The actual definition of energy leaves it very open to interpretation, energy is any force that compels a change in its environment, words with similar meanings include go, pep, zip, elan, zeal, zest, drive, force, power, and vitality. Since energy has such a broad description, it's a very hard thing to measure, when a person says he has lots of energy, it is left to the person being spoken to for interpretation. (CultureIndustry)

Best Web Design Software Programs

These 5 Web Development Software Programs Will Satisfy Your Need for Web Content with Ease

When you need to build a webpage right away, and don't know anything about HTML, you often turn to web design software programs as a solution. Even people who before would have written their code out in pure HTML, may be interested in using some web development software programs to "spruce up" their webpages, or learn to use more advanced features of web design, like XHTML or PHP scripting. Where to turn for the best web development software programs currently on the market though? (CultureIndustrySoftwareWeb)

Top 5 All in One PCs

The PCs You Can Put in Your Living or Bedroom Without Getting Crowded.

The term PC was coined by IBM in the early eighties to mean Personal Computer, the first in their line was the 8088 and was about the size of a large suitcase weighing at least 35 lbs. Because most people don't have a lot of space for a computer and recent technology has allowed us to manufacture smaller and smaller electronics, the all in one PC has been created. iMacs can't really be called PCs and so they won't be included in this list of the top 5 all in one PC. However, you should know that they were the original all in one computer. Now let's take a look at those top 5 all in one PCs. (AudioCultureGadgetsGamingHi-techPCPC hardwareVideo)
I hope you enjoy my reviews and find them useful, there are many many more to come keep coming back for more. If you haven't done so already, you can follow my blog on face book at the bottom right, subscribe to my feed, or follow me on Twitter for updates as soon as they become available. Hope to see you there.

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Most anticipated games of fall/winter 2010/2011

Most Anticipated RPG Games of Fall/Winter 2010/2011

Each year a new line of RPG comes out, and each year we get to live a new adventure. The greatest RPG games will take you through an epic storyline, unmatched by any other, and the worst will do little more than entertain the weak minded of us. (CultureNintendo DSPCPSPXbox 360)

Most Anticipated FPS Games of Fall/Winter 2010/2011

One of the most interesting trends in the history of gaming is the FPS trend. Over the years this trend has grown from the original Wolfenstein 3D into a compendium of titles ranging from ID software's Doom to the more recent Modern Warfare line. One of the most compelling and interesting facades of this genre of video games, is the evolution from simple demon based single player games like Doom and Wolfenstein into games like Call of Duty and Modern Warfare. With each year bringing even more new technology, designs, and ideas to this genre, what are these gamers looking forward to the most this year? (Call of DutyCulturePCPS3Xbox 360)

Most Anticipated MMORPG Games of Fall/Winter 2010/2011

The MMORPG crowd is typically more loyal then the average consumer. When a person picks an MMO to play and invests a lot of time into it, it can become very difficult to pry them away from it for the next best thing. I for one have reached high levels in several MMORPGS and found myself having a lot a trouble quitting due to the sheer amount of time that I had invested into them, but these 5 MMO games of 2010 have me chomping at the bit to make the change even with the knowledge that I will have to start all over again. (Casual gamesCulture,Next-GenPC)
The greatest games of this year have yet to be realized, but they are coming very soon. Some are to be released this month, and some are to be released next month. Of all of these games the ones that I am anticipating the most are the RPG title Final Fantasy Four Heroes, Rage for the PS3, and Halo Reach which was released just a few days ago now!.

The most anticipated games can sometimes be a bust, but in the case of Halo Reach it has scored a 93 out of 100 for gamers interest of those who attended it's unveiling in Seattle Washington just the other day.If you want to get your hands on these titles odds are you are going to have to stand in a long line, I hope you have these most anticipated games of fall/winter 2010/2011 on pre-order.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Amazing New Military Technology: Greatest Military Inventions This Millennium

The military has brought us such great inventions as the Internet, then followed shortly after by the GPS system, we widely use as civilians. Now we are left to wonder, what other amazing technologies are they working on now?

Click on the image for the full story.